About Music Fusion

Music Fusion was started by three young men Me, Krazy D, and Smilous who decided together we wanted to make a name for ourselves in the music industry. We have over 50 years experience collectively as we all started djing from a very young age and this shows in our incredible technical skills when in command of the decks.Whether it's House, Garage, D'n'B or cheesy party pop (!) the beats will be in time. Along the journey we have picked up other like minded individuals who all share the same passion which is Dance music in it's various guises and making sure it's all about the vibes. While enjoying djing and producing the odd track here and there we have in recent years turned our hands to promoting as we realised a night is only as good as it is organised and being "in the game" for so long has helped us to be able to assess the needs of people who want to go out and enjoy themselves and this shows in the attention to detail that we strive for.