My Biography

I have been interested in music from a very young age I definately see it as food for the soul.

I first started learning how to mix at the age of 12 after being blown away by the skills shown by DJ Hype. Seeing Hype in action set me on a path that I still tread today and will continue to tread for the rest of my days.

I developed my technical skills with Jungle/DnB and first aired them at various house parties around south east London. I got a break when doing a private party at Langtry's in Beckenham while spinning Garage I was asked to DJ in Flat Foot Sams on a Saturday AND Langtrys on a Friday night. I then got heard at Flat Foots and got a residency at Coach and Horses which also lead to spots at the Fridge, Buzz Bar, Flamingo's, Gas Club, Blue Orchid, Joe Bananas, Poo Na Nas, even Kremlin Bar in Ibiza and Notting Hill Carnival to name a few. After 8 Years at Langtry's the club closed but I had definitely developed a style under the tutelage of Stevie B and Mark Franklin.

I then got a new residency at Goldsmiths Tavern where I learned all music is the way forward aslong as it can be mixed and was there for a couple of years. This also lead to spots at The Red Deer and The Artesian Well.Receiving A Phone Call From Ian Baysic changed things. I was asked to cover in the Sovereign Ramsgate and ended up securing a residency every saturday night for 8 nearly 9 years even after a name change to The Goose!!!!!!!!

While at The Goose I was approached by Clique Bar and started doing one night a week there. This lead to a new Saturday night residency called Blitz which had lots of special guests lined up and who performed alongside me! I also done a night at Noir Bar in Surrey and another night at Hydeout in Watford.

While I was at Blitz I decided I wanted to go back onto radio and luckily SLB invited me to come onto where I did a show every Saturday, switched to Sundays and now do a podcast on rotation with the other DJ's.

I popped into Imperial Bar and Meze in Margate for a friends birthday party and when the owner asked me what I was doing with myself on a Friday and I said not much he on the spot offered me Friday Nights which were called Funky Friday and I done every week! Now I am resident DJ at Imperial!

I produce remixes and original material some of which gets blended into my sets.

I am available for bookings and able to play virtually any genre of music spanning decades and specialising in Electronic Dance (House, UKG, UK Funky, Funky House, Jungle, Drum and Bass, etc)